Community Garden

Black Lake Ventures started this project in June and this is the first time that the community has ever initiated on a greenhouse.

We have hired two trainees (gardeners) and a trainer who is teaching them all the basic steps on how to grow the plants. Trainees will be educated to initiate the planting and operation of a market garden in the north. This will require training on seed ordering, hydroponics and structures, soil preparations and fertilization, transplanting, temperature control and disease management as they relate to standards and expectations of the fruit and vegetable industry. The trainees earned their stage 1 certificate at the end of last season and this year they will be learning their stage 2.

It is our hope that by encouraging members to begin small backyard gardens, they can have the opportunity to take part in growing their own food. At the end of our harvest, the gardeners will make packages of fruits and vegetables for elderly, prenatal and members who are on social assistance.