Black Lake Communications Center (Radio Station)

Black Lake Ventures is working to build a communication center, with a plan to own a broadcasting license, radio equipment, trained members for operation to begin in 2021. The goal for this radio broadcasting is to strengthen communication, connect the people, educate while influencing our Denesuline culture.

This center will operate on a regular schedule of up to 4-5 hours daily with extended programming for special events, entertainment, information release, education, celebrations or emergency communication as needed.


  • Create employment opportunities such as manager, on-air hosts/producers, technician etc.
  • The station would be key to the preservation and restoration of dene language and culture as it will allow the community to express and share its values and livelihood
  • Communication and entertainment can be valuable to overcome personal isolation
  • We will have to full-time workers to provide daily public service announcements, news, and special programming
  • To promote local music and other aboriginal music of genre artists
  • Very essential for cultural, social, and economic development
  • Leadership and other departments can utilize it by broadcasting their important information and coming meeting within the community